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Computer Repair by Chris D Computer Services Web Hosting imageOne of the most critical elements of having a web site is the ability to host it, either in-house or via a hosting service. You don't necessarily need to go to the immediate expense of purchasing a domain name and a static IP address. You can have someone like myself host the site for you. If you decide down the road, to go the route of having your own domain, that can be done as well. It also makes it easy for your web designer to maintain the site if the designer is also hosting the site for you. By retaining my company to host your site, I can easily make any necessary changes to the site, and upload them easily for you. In a home-based or very small business scenario, this option is often the most appealing; it reduces the cost of ownership and does not unnecessarily over-tax your precious bandwidth.

In other circumstances it is best to house your own website or utilize a hosting service yourself so that you can have your own static IP address or perhaps you need to utilize secure socket layer protocol. In some cases where you are selling products it is best to either house your own site or utilize a hosting service. Another necessary service is to have your designer submit to all the search engines your sites information. This helps increase your visibility on the search engines by utilizing the correct keywords in the site's design. It is a daunting task to bring a website from the drawing board to full implementation; and a constant challange to keep it up-to-date. This is where, whenever possible, it is best to have the site hosted by your designer to help facilitate the necessary changes. Whether or not to have me host your site would depend on the hosting requirments. Please contact me for all your Web Hosting and Design needs.


Depends on space requirements and estimated bandwidth usage of site to be hosted.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

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