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Chris D Computer Repair I have been working and training in the computer industry since 1987. I have a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems, and currently hold a CompTia A+ Certified Service Technician Certification. I have also held the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification twice in the past. In addition, I have worked in both Systems Administration and Technical Support, both in the field and via high-pressure do-it-now telephone support. I have handled networking issues in a large corporate environment starting in 2003, working with Cisco routers and switches. I have also performed troubleshooting and resolution of both hardware and software-based PC and Server based issues on many different Windows PC and Server platforms, and many different Windows based products both name-brand and proprietary. I have worked at cleaning out virus infections whether they be virus's, malware, or grayware type infections.

When you retain my company, you can be assured of my personal attention to your issues; I won't send a technician out to you. I will come to your site and take care of the problems you are experiencing myself, this way you know exactly who you are dealing with every time you need assistance. I moved here to Las Vegas in 1993, and have found it to be a fast-growing, thriving and wonderful community, brimming with diversity. I am committed to bringing you or your business the best available technical support, which every customer deserves. A critical component of not only being in business but also in providing a service, such as this, is to maintain a high level of committment to the customer. It also requires excellent customer service skills, which I feel are extremely important to making the experience as beneficial as possible for the customer. Let's face it! I know that if you are calling me, one thing is for sure; you are most likely not having a good day! And the last thing you want is someone that doesn't have empathy towards your technical difficulties or the background and expertise to rectify them in a timely manner.

So when you need someone to address your computing issues, whether they be hardware or software based, I have the knowledge and experience that will help to correct those problems quickly and efficiently. So when your experiencing, and hopefully you never will, computing issues please remember Chris D Computer Services, because affordability doesn't mean you have to give up quality.

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