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Hello and welcome to the home site of Chris D Computer Services, your premier computer repair service. Chris D Computer Services is an on-site computer repair service and maintenance company. What does this mean to you? What it means is that I come to your location and take the inconvenience out of you having to disassemble and reassemble your computer, just to affect the necessary computer repairs needed to get your system up and running again. Most repairs can be affected on site, for those that cannot be affected on-site, I take your system with me and then bring it back to you once the repair has been completed and set your system back up for you. This means you don't have to find the time to deal with the disassembly and reassembly of the system in order to bring it in to someone to affect your computer repair service needs. Chris D Computer Services provides service to Henderson, Las Vegas, and Boulder City Nevada. We offer computer repair services for the home user, home office user, and small businesses located in these areas.

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Many problems can occur that will at one time or another cause you to need a computer repair service. Those problems can range from Software based issues such as drivers, corrupted operating system files, virus's, malware, or even spyware. At Chris D Computer Services we help to diagnose and resolve your issues, and help get your system back up and running. One of the biggest problems these days is the plethora of virus's and malware that can inundate your system. They cause numerous problems and render your system unusable in most cases. Virus or Malware removal is one of the biggest service calls computer repair service companies get these days. So when you need your system cleaned from virus or malware attack, Chris D Computer Services is the computer repair service that can help alleviate those nasty little problems for you.

Other events that can occur with a computer, are hardware based issues. In these instances you will most likely need the services of a computer repair service to help diagnose and correct or advise on what action is necessary to correct the probelm. Hardware based issues can range from problems with the power supply, harddrive, memory, processor, motherboard, CD/DVD drives, USB ports, PS2 ports, video adapter, modem, network adapter, or some other add-in card. The biggest problems that occur are usually with the power supply or hard drive. The hard drive is the number one problem component within the computer, and can experience issues at any time during its life cycle. So when you are in need of a computer repair service, it is our hope that you will keep Chris D Computer Services in mind.

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